Leadership Styles for a Healthy Organization

This topic is for leaders or those who will soon obtain a leadership position and are seeking ways to incorporate leadership styles in their tool kit that are easy to remember and proven to increase teamwork and performance.  These styles are tried and true methods that productive leaders have consistently used to enable them to adapt to various climates of organizational performance. If a team is not performing to their true potential, leaders in tune to these styles have the ability to utilize these techniques in order to refocus and motivate those under their supervision into a more synergistic mindset. Allow me to train you to know which style to use in which scenario and boost your ability to lead in any situation.

DISC in the Workplace

Does the perfect work environment exist? Is the perfect colleague just waiting for you to join the team? We have a responsibility to learn how best to interact with others and bring the best out of those we come in contact with on a daily basis. DISC in the workplace offers a look into what it takes for people of different backgrounds, genders, age, ethnicities, and beliefs to come together and perform like cogs in a watch. DISC describes our personalities in ways that we see what are our best and limiting attributes, but also how to interact and adjust to other personalities in which we come in contact. When we understand better how to communicate with each other from a better understanding of ourselves, we are then capable to push others to new levels. DISC is a proven tool that has helped many companies, marriages, and families understand the people around them and how to connect with greater effectiveness.

Positive Performance

Have you ever felt like your biggest hurdle or obstacle is yourself? Saboteurs invade our brains and hinder our performance 24 hours a day and it is up to us to keep them from hindering our productivity in the areas that matters most to us. This topic is about understanding and labeling the sabotaging thoughts we are constantly fighting, how to regain our positive outlook on the situation, and countering the negativity with positive reinforcements that will restart your optimistic outlook and thus your performance. With exercises that can be performed in 30 seconds aimed at labeling the saboteur and countering them, you will be able to execute at a higher level and maintain the positive mindset needed to have a successful business or relationship.