About Me

Nicholas Jiles is a Transformational Leadership Coach, International Speaker, a sought-after leadership/management trainer as well as a DISC and Emotional Intelligence Trainer. Nicholas is a training expert in the areas of leadership, communication, training, feedback methods, and coaching. He is a military veteran and has impacted countless lives across the Department of Defense through leadership training and personal growth. Nicholas has an exclusive way of connecting with individuals and audiences to engage, educate, entertain, and inspire those who are looking to increase their awareness.

Nicholas first found his passion for helping people through training after entering the military in 1998. After a few months at his first duty station, he was requested to help train B-52 pilots in Chemical Warfare Decontamination procedures. After showing his initiative and teaching ability, he was requested to continue assisting in teaching more classes to the pilots for annual certification training. Later in his career Nicholas volunteered to become a Military Training Instructor at Lackland AFB, TX where he trained over 2,000 trainees during his time before being hand selected to transfer to Maxwell AFB, AL where he trained Air Force officers. As an instructor at Officer Training School, Nicholas developed a passion for teaching leadership to his students and mentored fellow commissioned officer instructors. With an in-depth knowledge of leadership training and his ability to engage and effectively communicate with installation leaders, he was once again chosen by the installation commander to lead an inspection of all commissioned education programs. In this capacity, he increased accountability in custom and courtesies, dress and appearance, as well as mentoring programs between senior and junior leaders. After his tour was over, Nicholas relocated to Laughlin AFB, TX where he was chosen to work in the Inspector General office as the superintendent. While in the IG office, he led numerous installation inspections, performed surveys, and performance assessments, as well as briefed installation leadership on effective ways to lead and increase unit performance capabilities.   

Nicholas has thousands of hours of training over his 21 years of military service and after retirement, he wanted to continue training, coaching, and speaking in the civilian sector. When he trains, he trains with passion and enthusiasm with a willingness to inspire his audience to become better leaders. His training and coaching have impacted business owners and managers. He has motivated audiences to revive their leadership capabilities and recognize their true potential in the workplace. Not only is Nicholas a sought-after trainer and speaker but he is also EQ-i 2.0, EQ 360, and DISC certified to help organizations understand more effective ways to communicate, enhance relationships, understand and control their emotions as well as understand others’ emotions.  He also helps clients identify blind spots in themselves and their organization through corporate training and coaching techniques so that they can reach new performance levels.

Nicholas has spoken on one of the largest speaker platforms in the United States, Leadership Experience Tour, platforms in the UK, Leadership Summits, Exposure TV network, and other streaming services viewed all over the world.  His passion for helping people and improving leadership capabilities has made him a vital asset in the business world.