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"A good coach always coaches to a leaders potential, not his current level of performance. A good leadership coach will see the potential in you and inspire you accordingly. " - Andy Stanley

180 Leadership Coaching is focused on growing individuals through industry proven techniques and training into leaders who can positively connect, communicate, and impact the industry world around them.

About 180 Leadership Training

180 Leadership Coaching was developed after 21 years of military service.  Throughout my military career, I had the honor and privilege of working with determined military members who truly embodied the aspects of great leadership.  I have also worked alongside some devoted individuals who were not cognizant of particular blind spots and how those issues were negatively impacting their ability to lead. 

During my time in the military, it was part of my service to coach new and seasoned members to become the most effective leaders possible.  From my experience of assisting members of our military organizations to further develop key tools to enhance their leadership skills, I decided to bring the opportunity of organization redevelopment and solutions to others.

So, whether you're a business owner who wants to take your business to the next level, a frustrated leader who wants to enhance your overall leadership abilities, or an organization that wants to close the gaps of effective communication amongst your members, let 180 Leadership Coaching work for you to increase productivity, performance, communication, and teamwork. 

Training, and Assessments

Leadership is the ability to create a vision and inspire others to contribute to the vision.


When you choose to find the solution to your problems, you need a plan to make it a reality. Once you have a plan, a coach will help you stick to it and get around any obstacles that may block your path.  Remember, a coach is there to help the client work towards the solution and tap into their unfound potential.  If you are looking to get you and your organization to reach new heights, contact me.


Cliff L

Have you ever encountered a person that drives a Honda Civic and they proceed to give you advise on how to buy a Lamborghini? I’m sure you have. Mr. Jiles is a breath of fresh air. He doesn’t claim to have the cure to your problems but works with you on finding the right path to take and looking at those issues in a different light with his experience. We all have questions, and nobody in this world has the right answer for you, but with the right help, Nick will point you in the direction where the sun will be upon your face, and the wind will be upon your back, and that will make putting one foot in front of the other a much easier process. 

Cliff L

Christy G.

Nick’s encouragement, coaching, and support have been very valuable for me, and he remains the person I call when I want an outside perspective as I think through a career or work question. I know he will offer educated, positive, challenging, respectful, and helpful insights. I highly recommend Nick as coach. 


Christy G.

Alysia M.

I started my business about 8 months ago and I've grown to the point that I have to take on a new employee. It is very important to me that the people I bring on board are team players and know how to work with different personality types. I used 180 Leadership Coaching to coach me on best hiring practices and assessing different personality types that would work well in my business. Nick is very easy to work with and matter of fact, it was flat out enjoyable! I learned alot about myself and my team members. I think with that collaboration we'll be able to start this business growing in the right direction for the whole team.


Alysia M.


Nick!! You did an awesome job with the training. I am new at supervising and this class helped me tremendously. I have taken leadership courses before but you kept this very engaging. Thank you


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